Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another interesting conversation

I was talking to one of the supervisors about going home (they're always interested in why people quit - for a change she didn't have to listen to a tale of woe relating to managerial caprice and institutional incompetence). We got on to the subject of how people in the States (or in New Zealand in my case) are horrified that you want to move to a Middle East country, where everyone hates us and wants to kill us - thanks news media, you're doing a great job. The same guys will wonder where radical Muslims get this paranoid idea that people in the West hate them and want to kill them - thanks news media, you're doing a great job. I mentioned how ironic it is that my parents are so concerned for my safety over here, and yet Kuwait seems like a far safer place to live than my home town.

Supervisor (T): "Boy, you got that right. L shot a guy in cold blood in Colorado Springs, for Christ's sake. You won't have to do that here."

Me: "L shot a guy?"

T: "Yeah. Woke up to find an intruder in his house. You know L - grabbed his gun, stepped out of his bedroom and shot the guy down - none of this 'Hands up' bullshit."

Me: "Uh yeah, that does sound like him."

Mental note - it seems my home town is also somewhat safer than Colorado Springs.